Customer Service Training

Customer service may not be the first thing companies think of when investing in driver training, but it is an important skill for drivers in a variety of roles. Whether your company operates public service vehicles (PSVs) – such as buses, coaches or minibuses – or delivers goods as part of your offering, the way your drivers interact with customers is an essential part of building relationships, maintaining a good reputation and securing repeat business. Here at Driver Hire Uxbridge, our Customer Service course is designed to equip drivers from all industries with the skills they need to make a positive lasting impression.

Depending on your needs, your drivers can either attend our course at our purpose-built training facility in Uxbridge, or we can visit your premises to deliver the session. The module lasts for three and a half hours, so it can easily fit into a morning or afternoon, and it can be combined with any of our other Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) units (of the same length) to make up the specified seven hours of training that are required to complete the CPC.

Keeping customers happy

In any line of business, a strong customer–company relationship is key, and drivers are often the ‘human face’ that customers use to identify with a company. They are essentially brand representatives, and, by turning up on time, being polite and helpful, and dealing with any transactions efficiently, they can have a big influence on how customers think of a company.

Here are the topics we cover in our Customer Service module:

  • What is exceptional customer service? We will discuss what great customer service means for professional drivers in customer-facing roles.
  • Understanding the value of good customer service: Drivers will learn about the business benefits of demonstrating strong customer service skills and keeping customers happy.
  • Understanding your customers and their expectations: Most drivers will deal with a variety of customers throughout their career, so being able to tailor their approach depending on a customer’s needs is a highly valuable skill to have.
  • Customer service – good and bad examples: To give your drivers an outsider’s perspective, we will look at and evaluate examples of good and bad customer service, so that they can see both what they should and should not be doing.
  • Positive communication skills: We will train drivers in all aspects of positive communication, including having good body language, strong eye contact and a clear way of talking, as well as being confident, polite and friendly towards customers.

To organise customer service training for your drivers, or to find out more about any of our other courses, contact us at Driver Hire Uxbridge today.

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