Our Drivers

Here at Driver Hire Uxbridge, we help professional drivers find temporary and permanent positions to suit their training, skills and personal requirements. We also offer high-quality training options that enable drivers to improve their skills and expand their job prospects. In order to apply, all drivers must hold a valid UK driving licence, as well as any licences for their chosen vehicle category. They may have to be security cleared, if needed by the client.

We offer positions in the following categories. If drivers want to progress at any stage (e.g. to move from driving a car to a heavy goods vehicle (HGV)), we can offer training to help them do so.

  • Cat B: When driving cars and vans up to 3.5 tonnes, drivers will make multiple deliveries and collections per day (multi-drop) or best collecting and delivering cars for a premium car dealership. We have a wide range of Cat B roles to suit different drivers.
  • Cat C1: Drivers who want to drive Cat C1 / 7.5-tonne lorries will need to get their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and do tachograph training They will be making deliveries using tail-lifts and handballing.
  • Cat C and Cat C+E: Drivers will need to operate a number of vehicles of different sizes – from flatbeds to curtain-sided double-deckers. We specialise in HIAB work for Class 2 and C+E vehicles.

Advice for our drivers

To ensure our drivers are safe, organised and aware of their responsibilities at all times, we offer them the following advice:

  • Be organised: Make a detailed note of every Driver Hire job you complete, and be sure to keep a record of your upcoming work commitments. We answer the phone 24/7, so if you have a problem or can’t get to a shift on time CALL US IMMEDIATELY. We can’t help you if we don’t know about the problem.
  • Think ahead: If you haven’t heard from us about where you need to be the next day (and at what time), make sure you call us. If we booked you for a shift, the job is on and we will pay if you arrive on site at the correct time. If you don’t get the shift confirmation CALL OUR 24/7 NUMBER and tell us the problem.
  • Plan your route: Allow for any disruptions on your journey to ensure you arrive at the job on time.
  • Bring your documents and basic PPE: For every job you are assigned to, be sure to always bring your driving licence and any documents we give you, as well as your Driver Hire hi-vis vest and work boots.
  • Be early: We ask our drivers to arrive a few minutes earlier than their shift start time, as this gives you time to locate the site, park and find the right person. The start time of the shift is when you are ready to work, always arrive 15 minutes before.
  • Follow instructions: Make sure you listen carefully to your employer and, if necessary, note down key instructions.
  • Check the vehicle: Before you start a day’s work, do a thorough check of the vehicle you will be using, ensuring any issues are noted and rectified before you drive it. If you have any concerns about the condition of the vehicle or the load, call our 24/7 number and tell us, we can offer advice and escalate your concerns to the client. Never be pushed into driving or operating anything that doesn’t seem safe to you, call, check and be safe.
  • Record your hours: Use your timesheet to note down your hours, making sure you get a signature from the customer at the end of the shift. You also need to use your tachograph properly, and keep your printouts.
  • Send us your timesheet: We need your timesheet for a week’s work by 9am the following Monday. You can either Whattsapp, fax, post it through our office letter box, or take a photo of it and send it in an email.

If you’re looking for work as a professional driver in and around the Uxbridge area, or you’re a company that wants to hire new logistics staff, contact us at Driver Hire Uxbridge today.

For drivers hoping to work with us, we offer the following advice. In the interests of safety and to ensure your job runs smoothly, please read it carefully, and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Keep a diary of your work commitments to record the work you have done and plan work ahead.
  • Ensure you have received confirmation from us of your next day’s work, where it is and the time the shift starts.
  • Plan your journey to work to avoid traffic congestion or train or bus disruptions.
  • Take your licence and associated documents with you every day, and as a minimum PPE, work boots and a Driver Hire Hi-Viz.
  • Arrive at the Customers premises a few minutes early to locate the correct entrance, park your vehicle and find your contact there.
  • Listen carefully to instructions given to you and follow advice.
  • A shift usually begins between 7am and 9pm, and lasts for a minimum of eight hours
  • Check over the Customer’s vehicle carefully noting defects and requesting those that effect operating conditions be rectified before starting your journey.
  • Maintain your concentration and care of the vehicle and its contents until you have safely delivered the vehicle back to the Customer.
  • Record your hours on the timesheet and request the Customer’s signature
  • Please send completed timesheets to us by taking a picture and emailing it by Monday 1000 if you have a smart phone, or fax, or put it into our office letter box. Don’t post it or we will not have it in time to process it for payment on Friday.
  • Blank timesheets can be downloaded from the Documents section of this website.
  • Almost all of our work starts between 0700 and 0900 and is for a minimum of 8 hours. Please ensure you have planned adequate rest breaks even if you are not driving under tachograph rules