Delivery Driving Training

Most customers will judge a good delivery driver by their ability to turn up on time, handle products with care, and be polite, friendly and helpful throughout the transaction. It is not a lot to ask, and should really be the basic standard that all delivery drivers try to meet. From an employer’s point of view, a good delivery driver also needs to be an ambassador for the brand, practise fuel-efficient driving and adhere to guidelines on topics such as health and safety. Here at Driver Hire Uxbridge, we offer a delivery driving course to give employees the skills they need to meet all these standards and become first-class delivery drivers.

Whether your driver is new to the industry or is a seasoned passenger vehicle driver looking to make the transition to delivery driving, our course will ensure they can make deliveries on time, leave a good lasting impression on your customers, and make every trip safely.

Delivery driving training from Driver Hire Uxbridge

Our in-depth course on delivery driving lasts for three and a half hours, during which your drivers will learn about everything from planning their routes efficiently and practising safe driving techniques to giving the customer excellent service upon arrival. The module can be used in conjunction with another half-day module to make up a full day (seven hours) of training, which can be put toward the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Our delivery driving training covers a wide range of topics to help your drivers gain the skills they need. When your employees take our delivery driving course, they will learn about:

  • Understanding delivery driving
  • Customer service
  • Good communication and effective route planning
  • Deliveries and collections
  • Health and safety, vehicle safety and fuel efficiency
  • Assessments and reviews

We’ll deliver what your drivers need

We know that every company has different needs when it comes to employee training, and our modules are flexible enough to accommodate these. We do not mind if you want our help training up a single delivery driver for your small business, or if you’d like us to provide expert training for your large company’s entire fleet of drivers. We can either do this at your premises, or at our purpose-built training rooms in Uxbridge.

If you would like to find out more about our delivery driving module, or any other component of our high-quality CPC training, contact us at Driver Hire Uxbridge today.

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