Safe Loading and Unloading For Drivers

Any driver that works with goods vehicles needs to be able to load and unload cargo safely, responsibly and efficiently, in order to protect themselves from injury and make sure they do not put others at risk due to accidents caused by unsecured loads. Here at Driver Hire Uxbridge, we offer a Safe Loading and Unloading For Drivers module to train professional drivers in the laws around loading and the basic principles of loading vehicles safely.

Our course lasts for three and a half hours, and can either take place at your site or at our purpose-built training facility in Uxbridge. We provide training for as many drivers as you need – whether that’s an entire team, or just one or two – and will ensure that each driver comes away with a good, working knowledge of safe loading. This module can be put towards the seven hours of training that drivers are required to complete for the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Thorough safety training for goods vehicle drivers

As experts in logistics training and recruitment, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the Driver Hire team knows exactly how to keep drivers safe when they are loading and unloading vehicles, and what is required of them by law. We have used this expertise to create a comprehensive module to cover all areas of safe and secure loading, including:

  • Loading bay management: Loading bays are busy areas, with heavy goods vehicles (LGVs and HGVs) constantly manoeuvring in and out. We train drivers in staying safe when they are out of their vehicle in the loading bay, reversing into the loading bay and pulling off after the load has been secured.
  • Handling dangerous goods: Drivers will learn about how to safely transport and handle dangerous goods, such as chemicals, gases, flammable substances and toxic materials.
  • Forklift truck safety: Forklift drivers do need to be licensed, it is important that they are fully trained in how to operate, load and unload them safely.
  • General loading and unloading safety considerations: These are guidelines that drivers of all vehicle types should follow.
  • Specific loading and unloading activities: Some types of cargo need to be secured in particular ways, so we ensure drivers know how to do this.
  • Safe loading and the law: In 2013, 22,000 road impact injuries occurred due to objects falling from vehicles, and DVSA handed out 2,000 prohibitions to vehicles because of unsecured loads. It is a driver’s responsibility to know the law around safe loading and any penalties that can be imposed if loads are not secured properly. The driver is always responsible for the condition of his vehicle and load, know what is safe and be safe.

To find out more about our Safe Loading and Unloading For Drivers training module, or one of our other courses, contact us at Driver Hire Uxbridge today.

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